I have carried out audits on a range of plants as well as critical components. These can take the form of surveys of existing plant or reviews of design and materials selection. The results can take the form of suggested remedial action or monitoring for existing plant, or materials changes or other methods to ameliorate corrosion when designs are being reviewed.

One audit was to review the operation of a seawater cooling system for a nuclear installation. The results of this were three types of recommendations. The first were those requiring immediate rectification, while the second were items that required monitoring to assess whether further degradation was occurring and to determine the optimum replacement time. The third were items requiring annual checking to determine that degradation had not occurred. This plant continues to function over 30 years after being audited.

Another audit involved the review of materials selection for a critical component being supplied to the Royal Navy. I suggested changing the material of construction of two small components in the item, because high reliability was absolutely essential. Although these materials were more expensive, the components were small and the increase in the overall cost was trivial. The Royal Navy accepted the changed design and it is now in successful use.

Image (top left) by Agnieszka